About Us


Welcome to Pigeon Chat, we hope you like the new site.

There are several new features which we hope will enhance the site and be of value to all who choose to use them. There are several objectives behind the new site and one of course is to make the site a viable business, but it is also the intention to promote the sport we love and offer constructive ideas on how this can be achieved.

The Forum will always be free to use, other selected areas will be a matter of choice for each individual.

It is important that the forum remains the focal point of the new site and the content in the forum is constructive and of course legal.  The Forum needs to be a place that focuses on the sport of pigeon racing. There is of course room for comment on other sports and banter etc. but it is not the place for political comment or the place to criticise people or organizations in an unconstructive way.  Racism and any bigotry will be removed immediately and the writer banned.

All feedback is welcome and we look forward to receiving it.

Pigeon racing is a unique sport, when we tell “our story” well, people listen and interest grows, let’s all focus on doing that.

Enjoy the new site and enjoy your sport.

Our Values
To promote the sport that we love
To foster a community that is inclusive, democratic and equal
To share our experiences among the community