by Steve Foster
Published: 10th January 2021 (1 week ago)

I will shortly have a select few youngsters for sale which are bred from my best direct stock birds from Patrick Boeckx, Jos Cools, Dirk Van Den Bulck & Kris Van Massenhoven, these are direct Sons/Dtrs of amongst others “Goede Rode”, “Blauwe Leo”, “Donkere Leo”, “Sagan”, “Strik”, “Miel” & “Octavia”, “Speedy”, “Golden Cools 1 & 2”, “Remco (“718/8”), “Winnetou”, “Super Lady”, “Super Cools Lady”, “Box 2 pair Kris Van Massenhoven”, “De Rakertje”, “Cher Ami”, “Zoon Chipring”, “As 77” etc, all direct from the Champions, in fact I have bred youngsters for Jos Cools which are now in his own stock loft.

I have cultivated the Lambrechts birds for 20 years & my stock team are now stronger than ever before.  These include “Kingpin”, “Black Widow, “Olivia”, “Lorraine”, Sons & Dtrs of “Liam” & “Brother Liam”, “De Zot”, “The Good Cock”, Children or siblings to A & A Wealthall’s best birds etc & many more.  All from the above Champions Top birds, there are no better bred birds available as I have always introduced from only the absolute top breeders in Belgium & UK.  My prices are fair & affordable & my reputation is their guarantee.  Last year y birds were responsible for more than 40x1st Fed winners in all competition including 2nd Welsh National (beaten by fractions), 3rd National etc.  Please message for further information, in the right hands some of these will found lofts.

There will be children from my direct stock birds available through the year.

Also there will be youngsters to race bred from the best children of the above birds, these are from the same parents as many TOP winners in all competition in UK, Ireland, Scotland & Wales.

The price for 6 is £250.

Thank You & Best wishes for 2021!

Contact Steve direct on 07867-631526 or message sajfos on Pigeon Chat

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