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Q - How do I bid on an auction?

A - You have to register your details on the site first and wait for your account to be activated.  Then choose the bird you want to bid on, put in the amount and click bid now.  If your bid is not high enough you will be advised on the minimum next bid.

Q - Can I put in a maximum bid?

A - Yes, the system will store your bid until the next one is made, it won't jump to the maximum you have placed.

Q - Do I need to refresh the page?

A - Yes, always refresh the page if you are watching a live auction, otherwise you may miss another bid being placed.

Q - What is the 5 minute rule?

A - If a bid is placed within the last minute of an auction, it will automatically extend the auction for another five minutes and will do so until no further bids are received.

Q - How do I pay for my purchase?

A - You can use paypal to mealybug@sky.com or cheque/postal order payable to Pigeon Chat at 20 Warwick Rd, Failsworth, Manchester, M35 0QQ.  Bank transfers can be arranged on request.  We cannot accept payments over the phone unfortunately.

Q - Do I have to pay for carriage/collection?

A - Yes, unless otherwise stated you are responsible for arranging the collection of your purchase and payment .

Q - Can I place a commission bid?

A - Yes, just contact Jeanette Taylor on 0161- 684 - 8889 to make a commission bid or email to mealybug@sky.com but please leave enough time for your bid to be placed.

Q - Can I withdraw a bid made in error?

A - Yes you can retract your bid at any time.

Q - How do I arrange an auction?

A - Contact Jeanette on the above number or email address to arrange an auction.