Chat TV – Vimeo Testing Purposes Only

Welcome to Chat TV

We are launching this new exciting service with three excellent videos on three current stars of the pigeon sport.
We will have a fourth video early in the New Year of the fantastic flyer John Crehan.

We are launching with an introductory price of £6.99 per video.
The videos are available via Vimeo, it is simple to use. Register, pay and enjoy the video.
We hope you enjoy the videos.


Ace Lofts

2 x 1st Nat 2019 – Unique pigeon fanciers

Rik Hermans

4 x 1st Nat – 2 x 1st Olympiad – Modern day great

Mark Gilbert

3 x 1st International and 31 x 1st Nat – Legend and one of the best of all time

John Crehan

Coming soon early in the New Year – the fantastic flyer John Crehan. Be on the lookout!